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Concert News, September 19th 2001
Sator did a great show last Saturday. Daniel was back again. At the Peace and Love-show, Heikki Kiviaho (Whale, Thåström) was stand-in on bass. The setlist in Gothenburg, and as far as I know at Peace and Love too, was (and not in this order):

Concert News, September 10th 2001
Sator will perform at the opening ceremony at Chalmers university's brand new student's union-building in Gothenburg on September 15th. Opening act is Jaguar. Appearantly, the Peace and Love-gig was NOT the only one until the realease of the next album, as previously stated here.

Concert News, August 1st 2001
Sator will perform on the Peace and Love festival in Borlänge on August 3rd. The festival is a manifestation against violence and racism and other bands include Backyard Babies, Randy, The Kooks, Bad Cash Quartet, Loosegoats, Yvonne and tons of others. This will be Sator's only gig until their next album comes out. (More info about that to come).

Producing, June 2nd 2001
Chips K. has produced the new Sahara Hotnights-album, entitled "Jennie Bomb". The recordings took place in Music-A-Matic and Rommarö in March and April, and the album will be released on BMG on June 4th.

Upcoming show, March 9th 2001
Sator will play a bunch of songs at The Nomads' 20th anniversary party, together with Robert Johnson & Punchdrunks, Flaming Sideburns and of course, The Nomads themselves. This event will take place at Kolingsborg in Stockhom on April 13th. More info can be found at The Nomads' homepage. The Nomads' new album, entitled "Up-Tight" and produced by Chips K., will be released on April 23rd.

Compilations, January 30th 2001
Once again, Sator appears on a bunch of compilation albums. First off it's on a Swedish 80's-punk compilation called "Volym #4 Den bästa svenska musiken 80-tal". The songs are "Gamma Gamma Hey!" and "We're Right, You're Wrong" and the booklet features comments on these songs by Chips K. Release this week on MNW Records.
There is also a Spanish compilation out called "Muga 16 Años" including "Time and Distance". I don't really know much about one this but you can order it from Safety Pins Records.

Compilation, January 20th 2001
Sator is not on the double-CD version of the The Flamin' Groovies tribute. The tape they sent to Safety Pins Records was damaged. They will however appear on the vinyl version that is yet to be released. Safety Pins Records are currently negotiating with a label to make the vinyl album. Sator is performing the track "You Tore Me Down".

Producing, January 17th 2001
Kent Norberg is in the Music-A-Matic studio together 59 Times the Pain, producing their new album "Calling the Public", release due sometime in March.
Chips is also busy producing. He's working on the new Nomads album that will be released to coincide with the band's 20th anniversary (April 13th).

New Releases, November 26th 2000
There's not much happening on the Sator front at the moment but I'm doing a small update so you won't think that I've died. Sator has appeared on two quite recently released compilation albums. First, it was with the old hit "I Wanna Go Home" on "Baren -18 partyhits utvalda av deltagarna i Baren" and later, the previously ureleased cover of The Flamin' Groovies' "You Tore Me Down" on "Groovin' 'round the World - A Tribute to the Flamin' Groovies" released on Safety Pins Records. I've also heard unconfirmed rumours about an unreleased song being on a yet-to-be released compilation album called "I was a Punk before you was (Old School for New Students)", to be out on Empty Records. If anyone knows anything more about this please let me know.
Sator might also have dropped their contract with Independent Records. They no longer appear at their website. More news about this will definately come as soon as I get them.
So, until the release of B-Q-K vol. 2, (release date still unknown to me), don't miss out on the 10" vinyl version of the "Droppin' Out!" EP out on Safety Pins Records. It has 3 bonus tracks not found on the CD version (they all appear elsewere too though) and can actually be found here and there in Sweden. Contact me if you have trouble finding it.

Producing, October 5th 2000
Chips Kiesbye has been in Music-A-Matic studio with Plan Nine producing their debut album, "Generation Action". He also found the time to play some guitar on it. The release date has not been decided. You can read an interview with Chips and the band as well as a recording diary at Plan Nine's excellent homepage.
Chips has also produced the Hellacopters' new album "High Visibility" due to be released on October 16th.

Speed of Sound Enterprise, May 26th 2000
About two hours ago, Speed of Sound played Liseberg, Gothenburg. Some interesting, unreleased songs were performed, including "Swinging London" that will be on their second album, "Almost All the Time in the World" (at least I think that was the title) from their forthcoming, second single, "That Would Be Something", and one more song that I didn't catch the name of but it sounded like "We Got Burned" or something. The setlist was (and not in this order):

Make sure to catch them at a festival this summer!

New album, April 22nd 2000
Sator played two brand new songs at their gig in Gothenburg yesterday. The tunes were "Get out of My Way" and "You Don't Seem Real". These songs will both be on Sator's forthcoming sequel to "Barbie-Q-Killers vol. 1" that might be in stores right after the summer.

Speed of Sound Enterprise, April 16th 2000
Kent and Daniel's sideproject "Speed of Sound Enterprise" will release their debut single, "Young Girl" on the 19th of April. The selftitled debut album will be released on the 27th of the same month. The album, which has been mixed in New york, was recorded last summer but has been delayed because the record company BMG has been concentrating on other acts until now. Other members are Joakim Levin (Daniel's brother and ex-member of  famous Swedish punkband "De Lyckliga Kompisarna") on drums and Jonas Redig on bass. Visit their official homepage or their record company for more information and a video! There's also an interview and the video to "Young Girl" on Aftonbladet's site.

Concert News, March 21st 2000
Sator is doing a gig at Sticky Fingers in Gothenburg on May 21st and one at Metropol in Hultsfred on May 22nd. More information about the Hultsfred gig is available at Rockparty's homepage. Info about the Gothenburg gig is available here.

New album, February 30th 2000
The follow up to "Barbie-Q-Killers vol. 1" will be released soon. Last I heard is that it will contain 14 songs. Not only American bands but also some British ones will be covered. One of the know titles is "Peeking Hooligan" by the Buzzcocks. More news and release date as soon as I get it.

Producing,  February 25th 2000
Chips Kiesbye has produced a bunch of songs by Matching Numbers, including members from Nomads, Demons, Robots and Atomic Swing.

Compilation CD, February 15th 2000
Sator will contribute with one song on a record against nazism and rasism. The working title is "Vi håller inte käften!" and other artists include Thåström, Blues & V.I.P:z, Sahara Hotnights, Hammer Hill Click & Dogge, Charta 77, Looptroop, Stefan Sundström & Johan Johansson, Troublemakers, Shadlims, Ubba and Iguana party. The album will be out before the summer and all the profit will go to the John Hron-foundation. A concert in Gothenburg is also planned.

Split Single, November 11th 1999
Sator has made a spilt single with the French band Garlic Frog Diet. It will contain the previously unreleased Sator songs "You Ain't Nothing" and "A Song to You". It will be limited to 5-600 copies printed on colored vinyl. The single will be released by Sideline Records.

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