Most of these are clickable for lyrics, the rest is either songs I've never heard or songs that I'm working on. More lyrics will be added when I find the time to. Unreleased or instrumental songs are not included. For a list of all Sator, Sator Codex and Speed of Sound Enterprise songs known to me, click on the Sator Songs section.

Lyrics to songs that are not included on any of Sator's full length albums (except Barbie-Q-Killers) are transcribed by myself by listening to the songs over and over and trying to figure the words out. I think I've done OK in most cases but here and there are gaps in the lyrics where I simply haven't been able to figure it out. Here's where I need your help. Any other lyrics warmly accepted.

Note: Most of these lyrics can be found on Sator's official website so I removed them from here and only kept some covers.

Sator Codex

Crusade (Gonna Start a Fire)
Fête for Lost Souls
Final Curtain
Jag Vill Ut
Master of the Universe
Middle East Mix
Party Frenzy
Scales to Skin
She Falls
The Man Who's Never Been
You Need Me

23 B.C.
Ain't Seen Nothing
All Up to You
Alone in the Endzone
Anxiety, Coke & Chocolate Bars
A Safetybelt for Suzie
Ask the Shadows
A Song to You
Baby Doc Holiday
Black Dog Mood
Black 'n' White
Bound to Be Good
Bughouse Baby
Buy Now, Pay Forever!
Can't Shake it
C'mon and Love Me
Dance to the Rocket From the Crypt
Dillinger's Brain
Dog Day Afternoon
Do the Dance
End of the World
Even As We Speak
Everybody's Making Plans
Face Down
Find the Time
Fuck You
Gamma Gamma Hey!
God Save Technology
Government Official
Gruesome Sunday Morning
Halter Top
Hello Hello! (I'm Back Again)
Hey You!
>Hitch-hike to Caudine Forks
How are Things in California?
How Late is Too Late?
I'd Rather Drink Than Talk
Idiot's Delight
I Don't Wanna Talk About the Wheater Anymore
I Guess I'm OK
Iggy Was a Farmer
I'll Wait
I'm a Bug
I'm Bugged
I'm Gone
In Bed Without Madonna
In With the Crowd
It Really Doesn't Matter Now
It's so Cold Without a Gun
I Wanna Go Home
I Want You Tonite
Kiss of the Rat
Long Hot Summer
Lose Control
Love MF
Machine Gun Justice (A Love Song)
National Guard
My Worst Friend
Next to Nothing
No Place to Land
No Reason
No Solution
No Time, Tomorrow
Nothing Hurts
Oh Mama
Only the Stones Remain
On the Way Down
Over the Top
Out of the Void
Pay to Play
Pigvalley Beach
Pink Turns to Blue
Restless Again
Ride the Jackhammer
Ring Ring
Rise Again
Scales to Skin
Sharp Dressed Man
Sideshow Screwballs
Slug it Out
Smoke Screen
Snakepit Rebel
Someone Got Shot
So Much Time, So Little to Do
Sonny is a Bad Guy
Talking (The Boys)
The Big Shakedown
The Other Newest One
This is My Life
This Perfect Day
This Side of Nowhere
Tie Me Up
Time and Distance
Too Much Trouble
Turn Off the News
Two of These Days
Wasting Time
Welcome Back Home
We're Right, You're Wrong
What Do You Want?
What You are is What You Get
White Trash (Halter Top pt. 2)
You Tore Me Down
You've Got it All Wrong

Baby Demons
Baby I'm So Lonely
My Baby's Gone Mental

Speed of Sound Enterprise
A Thousand Reasons
Do I Do I
Just out of Reach
Love and Need
No One Cares
North in the Country
Speed of Sound Enterprise
That Would Be Something
The One That Got Away
Way to Go
Young Girl

Coca Carola -Verklighet (Reality)
The Sinners -Halternative Top
Psychotic Youth -Good Times are Gone
Psychotic Youth -Wonder
Psychotic Youth -Hot Rod Girl
Psychotic Youth -Everywhere You Go

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