A short introduction to The Pigvalley Page.

I've been thinking about doing this page for a long time. Partly because the official Sator homepage, which is a great page (just look at the extent of the biography!), is updated so infrequently (to say the least). I want this page to be a source of all possible Sator & Sator Codex information, with a frequently updated news section and a list of Sator related links that is virtually complete. I also want the page's discography section to be a guide to the Sator & Sator Codex record collector. You will even find lots of information about all sideprojects and other bands, past or present, including Sator members. Is there anything you'd like to see that is not here?
Mail me! So, with that I leave you to explore the wonderful world of Sator.

The Pigvalley Page Timeline

2014-06-09 The plan was to leave this page as it is, like a frozen piece of time. But I just had to get rid of the frames. So now you can actually link to a certain page and the menu will still show up! Amazing!
2014-06-08 After finding out that Passagen just deleted all websites without warning, I had to reupload this site of course. So today was the big day. Nothing was missing except the soundclips. I checked all links and updated or wrote a note on the dead ones. Also fixed an image that has been broken for 14 years. So as you already know, the new address is - forever!
2000-10-05 Slight layout improvement

2000-08-01 Sounds-section added
2000-05-28 Total update! Pictures, gigography, discography, lyrics, fanclub info, chords, links and contacts pages are up
2000-04-16 Big, and long awaited, layout improvement
2000-03-29 "Upcoming tourdates"-section is up
2000-03-19 The very first version of the Pigvalley Page is up!

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