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The Sator Fanclub was founded in 1992 when Sator signed with the major record company Warner. At first it was situated in Sator's hometown but after a couple of years the "Headquake Headquarters" moved to Rödeby in the south of Sweden. The president was Jonte Andersén, guitarist and vocalist of The Bones. When joining one recieved Sator's magazine, The Pigvalley News, 4-5 times a year. You also got a member card, a badge, a great biography, a signed photography, stickers, news mail and the availability to buy records and t-shirts and other merchandise at low prices. The fanclub also made a 7" single with Sator Codex' first demo, Final Curtain/She Falls, only sold to members. S.I.S. had nearly 300 members when it was closed in 1996.

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