These are my records. Ain't it neat?

Note: This list is very old, check out my current list instead.

1910 Fruitgum Co. Simon says -the best of CD 2001
69 Eyes Blessed be CD 2000
Abstrakt Algebra Abstrakt Algebra CD 1995
AC/DC Back in Black CD 1980
AC/DC Let There Be Rock CD 1977
AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap CD 1976
Aerosmith Nine Lives CD 1997
Aerosmith Get a Grip CD 1993
Afzelius, Björn Innan Tystnaden MC 1982
Alice in Chains Alice in Chains CD 1995
Alice in Chains Working Class Heroes CD 1994
Alice in Chains Dirt CD 1992
Alice in Chains Sap CD-M 1992
Alice in Chains Facelift CD 1990
Almighty Powertrippin' CD 1993
Amorphis Tuonela CD 1999
Amorphis Elegy CD 1996
Animals The Most of the Animals CD 1992
Babylon Whores King Fear (promo) CD 1999
Bad Religion The New America CD 2000
Banana Erectors You Got That Uh Uh 7" 2000
Beatles 1 CD 2000
Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band CD 1967
Big Star #1 Record / Radio City CD 1973
Black Sabbath The Ozzy Osbourne Years 3-CD 1991
Blondie The Best of Blondie CD 1983
Bob Hund Omslag: Martin Kann CD 1996
Bones Screwed, Blued and Tattooed (promo) CD 2000
Bones Six Feet Down and Two Fingers Up CD-M 2000
Bones The Horrorway EP CD-M 1997
Bon Jovi Keep the Faith CD 1992
Bon Jovi, Jon Blaze of Glory/Young Guns II CD 1990
Bon Jovi New Jersey CD 1988
Bon Jovi 7800° Fahrenheit CD 1985
Bon Jovi Bon Jovi CD 1984
Box Tops The best of the Box Tops CD 1996
Brainpool  Stay Free CD 1996
Brainpool  Soda CD 1994
Cathedral Hopkins (The Witchfinder General) CD-M 1995
Caesar's Palace Cherry Kicks CD 2000
Caesar's Palace Youth is Wasted on the Young CD 1998
Cardigans Life CD 1995
Cemetary Last Confessions CD 1997
Cemetary Sundown CD 1996
Charon Tearstained CD 2000
Charon Sorrowburn CD 1998
Cheap Trick Cheap Trick at Budokan LP 1979
Clarke, Gilby The Hangover CD 1997
Clarke, Gilby Pawnshop Guitars CD 1994
Cooper, Alice The Last Temptation CD 1994
Covenant Nexus Polaris CD 1998
Cranberries Bury the Hatchet CD 1999
Cranberries Promises CD-S 1999
Cranberries To the Faithful Departed CD 1996
Cranberries Zombie CD-M 1994
Crematory Believe (promo) CD 2000
Crow, Sheryl Sweet Child O' Mine CD-S 1999
Crow, Sheryl The Globe Sessions CD 1998
Crow, Sheryl Tomorrow Never Dies CD 1997
Crow, Sheryl Sheryl Crow/Special Edition 2-CD 1996
Cult Pure Cult CD 1993
D-A-D Everything Glows CD 2000
D:A:D Simpatico CD 1997
D.A.D Riskin' it All CD 1991
D.A.D No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims  CD 1990
Dandy Warhols Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia CD 2000
Darkseed Diving Into Darkness (promo) CD 2000
Darkseed Give Me Light CD 1999
Dark Tranquillity Haven CD 2000
De Lyckliga Kompisarna Sagoland CD 1995
De Lyckliga Kompisarna Tomat CD 1994
De Lyckliga Kompisarna Le Som En Fotomodell CD 1991
Diabolique Butterflies CD 2000
Diabolique The Black Flower CD 1999
Bruce Dickinson Skunkworks CD 1996
Dismal Euphony All Little Devils CD 1999
Dismember  Massive Killing Capacity CD 1995
Donnas Turn 21 CD 2001
Drain Simon Says CD-S 1999
Drain Freaks of Nature CD 1999
Drain Crack the Liar's Smile CD-M 1996
Drain I Don't Mind CD-M 1996
Drain Horror Wrestling CD 1995
Drain Serve the Shame CD-M 1995
Dreadful Shadows The Cycle CD 1999
Dreadful Shadows Buried Again  CD 1996
Dropkick Murphys Sing Loud, Sing Proud CD 2001
Edge of Sanity Infernal CD 1997
Edge of Sanity Crimson CD 1996
Edge of Sanity Purgatory Afterglow CD 1994
English, Jon Josephine 7" 1981
English, Jon English History LP 1980
English, Jon & Mario Millo Against the Wind LP 1978
English, Jon & Mario Millo Against the Wind 7" 1978
Entombed DCLXVI To Ride, Shoot Straight and.../Family Favourites 2-CD 1997
Entombed Wolverine Blues CD 1993
Entombed Hollowman CD 1993
Eskobar 'til we're dead CD 2000
Eurythmics Greatest Hits CD 1991
Farmer Boys The world is ours CD 2001
Fight A Small Deadly Space CD 1995
Fight Mutations CD 1994
Franklin, Aretha The Very Best of Aretha Franklin vol 1 CD 1994
Franklin, Aretha Respect 7" 1967
Franklin, Aretha I never loved a man the way I love you 7" 1967
Full Metal Jacketz Rock 'n' Roll CD 1992
Full Metal Jacketz Ain't got the Blues... CD 1990
Full Metal Jacketz I Want Your Body 7" 1990
Garbage Garbage CD 1995
Gathering In Motion DVD 2002
Gathering Rollercoaster CD-M 2000
Gathering if_then_else CD 2000
Gathering Superheat –A Live Album CD 2000
Gathering How to Measure a Planet? 2-CD 1998
Gathering Liberty Bell CD-M 1998
Gathering Kevin's Telescope CD-M 1997
Gathering Nighttime Birds CD 1997
Gathering The May Song CD-M 1997
Gathering Adrenline/Leaves CD-M 1996
Gathering Strange Machines CD-M 1995
Gathering Mandylion CD 1995
Gathering Always… CD 1992
Gin Blossoms Congratulations I'm Sorry CD 1996
Gin Blossoms New Miserable Experience CD 1992
Greenberg Return of the Old School Skater CD-M 1994
Green Day Warning CD 2000
Green Day Geek Stink Breath CD-M 1995
Green Day Insomniac CD 1995
Green Day Kerplunk CD 1992
Guns N' Roses Rocket Queens -Live at the Tokyo Dome January 1992 p. 1 MC 1992
Guns N' Roses Live at the Tokyo Dome January 1992 part 2 MC 1992
Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion I LP 1991
Guns N' Roses GN'R Lies CD 1988
Guns N' Roses GN'R Lies LP 1988
Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction CD 1987
Hardcore Superstar Bad Sneakers and a Piña Colada (promo) CD 2000
Harvey, PJ Stories from the city, Stories from the Sea CD 2000
Helmet Aftertaste CD 1997
Hep Stars/Tages/Shanes Hep Stars! Tages! Shanes! CD 1991
Herman's Hermits The Very Best of Herman's Hermits CD 1997
HIM Greatest Lovesongs vol. 666 CD 1998
In Flames Reroute to remain CD 2002
In Flames Colony CD 1999
In Flames Whoracle CD 1997
In Flames The Jester Race CD 1996
Iron Maiden Brave New World CD 2000
Iron Maiden Virtual XI CD 1998
Iron Maiden Virus CD-M 1996
Iron Maiden The X Factor CD 1995
Iron Maiden A Real Dead One CD 1993
Iron Maiden Live At Donington 92 2-CD 1993
Iron Maiden Fear Of The Dark CD 1992
Iron Maiden Be Quick Or Be Dead 12" 1992
Iron Maiden No Prayer For The Dying CD 1990
Iron Maiden Holy Smoke CD-M 1990
Iron Maiden Maiden England Video 1989
Iron Maiden The Clairvoyant (Live) / Infinite Dreams (Live) CD 1989
Iron Maiden Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son CD 1988
Iron Maiden 12 Wasted Years Video 1987
Iron Maiden Somewhere In Time CD 1986
Iron Maiden Wasted Years / Stranger In A Strange Land CD 1986
Iron Maiden Live After Death  CD 1985
Iron Maiden Video Pieces Video 1983
Iron Maiden Piece of Mind CD 1983
Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast CD 1982
Iron Maiden Killers CD 1981
Iron Maiden Women In Uniform / Twilight Zone 2-12" 1981
Iron Maiden Iron Maiden CD 1980
Iron Maiden Running Free / Sanctuary CD 1980
Jackyl Night of the Living Dead CD 1996
Jackyl Push Comes to Shove CD 1994
Jackyl Jackyl CD 1992
Johnson, Robert & Punchdrunks Fried on the Altar of Good Taste CD 2000
Johnson, Robert & Punchdrunks Aloha From Havanna CD 1998
Judas Priest Living After Midnight CD 1997
Judas Priest The Beast of Judas Priest CD 1996
Kask Wrestling my Case CD 1999
Kask Summer is Here EP CD-M 1998
Kinks You Really Got Me 2-CD 1994
Lake of Tears Forever Autumn CD 1999
Lake of Tears Lady Rosenred CD 1997
Lake of Tears A Crimson Cosmos CD 1997
Lake of Tears Headstones CD 1995
Lemonheads Come on Feel the Lemonheads  CD 1993
Lifehouse No name face CD 2001
Megadeth Risk/No Risk Disk 2-CD 1999
Megadeth Cryptic Writings CD 1997
Megadeth Hidden Treasures CD 1995
Megadeth Train of Consequences CD-S 1994
Megadeth Youthanasia CD 1994
Megadeth Countdown to Extinction CD 1992
Megadeth Rust in Peace CD 1990
Megadeth So Far, So Good...So What! CD 1987
Megadeth Peace Sells...But Who's Buying? CD 1986
Mental Hippie Blood Don't Talk CD-S 1993
Metallica One (Live) CD-M 1993
Metallica Metallica MC 1991
Metallica …And Justice for All CD 1988
Millencollin Pennybridge Pioneers CD 1999
Misfits Famous Monsters CD 1999
Monkees 20 Greatest Hits CD 1994
Moonspell Sin/Pecado CD 1998
Moonspell 2econd Skin 2-CD 1997
Moonspell Irreligious CD 1996
Moonspell Wolfheart CD 1995
Morgana Lefay Maleficium CD 1996
Morgana Lefay Past Present Future CD 1995
Morgana Lefay Sanctified CD 1995
Morgana Lefay The Secret Doctrine CD 1993
Morricone, Ennio Spaghetti Western CD 1995
Motörhead We are Motörhead CD 2000
Motörhead Snake Bite Love CD 1998
Motörhead Overnight Sensation CD 1996
Motörhead Sacrifice CD 1995
Motörhead The Best of Motörhead 2-CD 1995
Motörhead Headbangers CD 1991
Motörhead 1916 CD 1991
Murder Squad Usane, insane and mentally deranged CD 2001
My Ruin Speak & Destroy CD 1999
Nazareth Greatest Hits CD 1996
Nirvana From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah CD 1996
Nirvana Unplugged in New York CD 1994
Nirvana Incesticide CD 1992
Nirvana Nevermind CD 1991
No Doubt Tragic Kingdom CD 1995
Oasis Definiztely Maybe CD 1996
Ohio Express Yummy yummy yummy - the best of CD 2001
Paradise Lost Draconian Times / Live tracks, demos & b-sides 2-CD 1995
Paradise Lost Icon CD 1993
Paradise Lost Seals the Sense CD-M 1993
Paradise Lost Shades Of God CD 1992
Pist. On $ell Out CD 1999
Presley, Elvis 15 Rock 'N' Roll Hits CD 1995
Presley, Elvis Jailhouse Rock  CD 1992
Presley, Elvis Almost in Love LP 1978
Psychotic Youth Stereoids CD 1998
Psychotic Youth Small Wonders 1985-1995 CD 1996
Psychotic Youth Juice/Pop CD 1996
Psychotic Youth Bamboozle CD 1994
Psychotic Youth MTV CD-M 1993
Psychotic Youth Elevator Girl CD-M 1993
Psychotic Youth ...Be in the Sun...  CD 1992
Psychotic Youth ...Be in the Sun...  LP 1992
Psychotic Youth It Won't Be Long Before We See the Sun Shine 7" 1990
Psychotic Youth Julie 7" 1989
Psychotic Youth Some Fun CD 1989
Psychotic Youth Some Fun LP 1989
Psychotic Youth Some Fun 7" 1989
Psychotic Youth Anything for a Thrill / Faster! Faster!  CD 1988
Psychotic Youth Anything for a Thrill LP 1988
Psychotic Youth Faster! Faster! LP 1986
Psychotic Youth Devil's Train 7" 1986
Queen Greatest Hits II CD 1991
Queen Live Killers LP 1979
Queen Jazz LP 1978
Queen A Night At The Opera LP 1975
Queers Don't Back Down CD 1996
Queers Punk Rock Confidential CD 1998
Queers MoveBack Home CD 1995
Queers Beat Off CD 1994
Ramones Ramonesmania CD 1988
Ramones End of the century CD 1980
Ramones It's Alive CD 1978
Ramones All the Stuff (And More) Vol II CD 1978
Ramones All the Stuff (And More) Vol I CD 1977
R.E.M. The Greatest Hits Collection CD 1996
Republica Speed Ballads CD 1998
Runga, Bic Sway CD-S 1998
Sahara Hotnights C'mon Let's Pretend CD 1999
Sambora, Richie Stranger In This Town CD 1991
Sator Droppin' Out! 10" 2000
Sator Droppin' Out! CD-M 1999
Sator TV-Night CD-S 1999
Sator Love MF CD-S 1998
Sator Musical Differences CD 1998
Sator Everybody's Making Plans CD-M 1998
Sator Everybody's Making Plans (promo) CD-M 1998
Sator I'm Gone 7" 1996
Sator & Gang Bangers Messin' with the King 7" 1996
Sator It Really Doesn't Matter Now CD-M 1995
Sator Stereo CD 1995
Sator Out of the Void CD-M 1995
Sator Stereo (promo) CD 1995
Sator Even As We Speak 7" 1995
Sator Live Lund 1990 Hultsfred 1994 Video 1994
Sator & White Flag Sator VS White Flag CD-M 1994
Sator I'll Wait CD-M 1994
Sator Barbie-Q-Killers vol. 1 CD 1994
Sator No Solution CD-M 1994
Sator Nothing Hurts 7" 1994
Sator Live Stockholm 1993 Video Video 1993
Sator Headquake / Ring Ring 2-CD 1993
Sator Ring Ring CD-S 1993
Sator Headquake CD 1992
Sator We're Right, You're Wrong CD-M 1992
Sator We're Right, You're Wrong 7" 1992
Sator We're Right, You're Wrong (promo) 12" 1992
Sator Hello Hello! (It's Good to Be Back) 7" 1990
Sator Restless Again 7" 1990
Sator Stock Rocker Nuts CD 1990
Sator Stock Rocker Nuts LP 1990
Sator Stock Rocker Nuts (testpress) LP 1990
Sator World 7" 1990
Sator Oh Mama (2nd pressing) 7" 1990
Sator Oh Mama (1st pressing) 7" 1988
Sator Slammer! CD 1988
Sator Slammer! (French) LP 1988
Sator Slammer! (German) LP 1988
Sator Slammer! LP 1988
Sator Codex Scales to Skin 7" 1986
Sator Codex Wanna Start a Fire? LP 1985
Sator Codex Leech 7" 1985
Sator Codex Howling (red cover) 7" 1984
Sator Codex Howling (green cover) 7" 1984
Sator Codex Final Curtain 7" 1983
Scorpions In Trance LP 1975
Sentenced Crimson CD 2000
Sentenced Frozen CD 1998
Sentenced Down CD 1996
Sepultura Chaos A.D. CD 1993
Sepultura Arise CD 1991
Silverchair Freak Show CD 1996
Sinatra, Nancy Greatest hits CD 1990
Sinners Turn it Up! CD 1991
Sinners I Wanna Love You CD-M 1991
Sinoath Still in the Grey Dying CD 1995
Skid Row B-side Ourselves CD 1992
Slush Puppies The Cosmic Trip EP CD-M 1995
Snoddas Serverar En Skål Nyvispad Våldspop På Singel CD-M 1992
Solar Lodge Fast Money Music  CD 1996
Solar Lodge Blow CD 1994
Solar Lodge The World Is Yours CD 1992
Solar Lodge Wild World 7" 1991
Solar Lodge A Reflection 7" 1988
Sonic Surf City Tune in Turn on Wipe out  CD 1997
Sonic Surf City Surf Don't Walk CD 1996
Soul Asylum Candy From a Stranger CD 1998
Soul Asylum Let Your Dim Light Shine CD 1995
Speed of Sound Enterprise Speed of Sound Enterprise CD 2000
Speed of Sound Enterprise Young Girl CD-M 2000
Speed of Sound Enterprise Young Girl CD-S 2000
System of a Down Toxicity CD 2001
System of a Down System of a Down CD 1998
Tad Morose Paradigma CD-M  1995
Testament Return To The Apocalyptic City CD 1993
Testament The Ritual  CD 1992
Testament Souls Of Black CD 1990
Testament Live At Eindhoven  LP 1985
Therion Secret of the Runes CD 2001
Therion Deggial CD 2000
Therion Crowning of Atlantis CD 1999
Therion Vovin CD 1988
Therion A'Arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming CD 1997
Thyrfing Urkraft CD 2000
Tiamat Skeleton Skeletron CD 1999
Tiamat Cold Seed CD-M 1997
Tito & Tarantula Hungry Sally & Other Killer Lullabies CD 1999
Travoltas Endless Summer CD 2002
Travoltas Club Nouveau CD 2001
Travoltas Teenbeat CD 2000
Travoltas Modern Man CD 1998
Tristania Beyond the Veil  CD 1999
Tura Satana Relief Through Release CD 1997
Type O Negative World Coming Down CD 1999
Type O Negative October Rust CD 1996
Type O Negative Bloody Kisses CD 1993
Ugly Kid Joe So Damn Cool 7" 1992
Ugly Kid Joe America's Least Wanted CD 1992
Ultima Thule För Fäderneslandet CD 1992
Ultima Thule Svea Hjältar CD 1991
Various American Pie –Music From the Motion Picture CD 1999
Various Angus -Music From the Motion Picture CD 1995
Various Backstage Presenterar: Högtalarterror –94 CD 1994
Various Close-Up Made Us Do It CD 2001
Various Close-Up Soundcheck #51 CD 2002
Various Close-Up Soundcheck #51 CD 2002
Various Close-Up Soundcheck #50 CD 2002
Various Close-Up Soundcheck #49 CD 2001
Various Close-Up Soundcheck #48 CD 2001
Various Close-Up Soundcheck #47 CD 2001
Various Close-Up Soundcheck #46 CD 2001
Various Close-Up Soundcheck #45 CD 2001
Various Close-Up Soundcheck #44 CD 2001
Various Close-Up Soundcheck #43 CD 2001
Various Close-Up Soundcheck #42 CD 2000
Various Close-Up Soundcheck #41 CD 2000
Various Close-Up Soundcheck #40 CD 2000
Various Close-Up Soundcheck #39 CD 2000
Various Close-Up Soundcheck #38 CD 2000
Various Close-Up Soundcheck #37 CD 1999
Various Close-Up Soundcheck #36 CD 1999
Various Close-Up Soundcheck #35 CD 1999
Various Close-Up Soundcheck #34  CD 1999
Various Fifi Dong CD-S 1995
Various From Dusk Till Dawn -Music From The Motion Picture CD 1996
Various Full Moon Productions CD 1999
Various Gränslösa -99 ...och lite till  CD 1999
Various Guldskivan –Svenska Band Hyllar Sator & Sator Codex CD 1996
Various Headin' for the North -Motörhead Tribute CD 1995
Various Hearing is Believing - vol 6 CD 1995
Various Hultsfred Rockparty CD 1992
Various In Gold We Trust - A Radium Compilation CD 1991
Various Independent Music for Independent People 009 CD 2000
Various Independent Music for Independent People 008 CD 1999
Various Independent Music for Independent People 007 CD 1998
Various King Kong #3 7" 1992
Various Kingpin –Original Motion Picture Soundtrack  CD 1996
Various Kontaktnätets Jubileums-CD 25 år/25 spår 2-CD 1999
Various Kiss Covered in Scandinavia 12" 1996
Various Klassiska Musikstunder –Introduktion CD-S 1999
Various Klassiska Musikstunder –Musik i Sommarnatt CD 1999
Various Klassiska Musikstunder –Speglingar CD 1999
Various Oh Canaduh! 2 LP 1996
Various Movie Killers - 20 Direct Hits From Cult Movies CD 1996
Various Probably the Best Bands in the World... CD 1997
Various The Song Ramones the Same -promo sampler CD 2002
Various Satisfaction Guaranteed - A Tribute to the Boys LP 1997
Various Sound Affects #3  Flexi 1988
Various The Kids Wanna Riot  CD 1999
Various There's A Boy Who Lives On Heaven Hill  CD-M 1994
Various There's Something About Mary CD 1998
Various Wild Rock 3 CD 1995
Wannadies Skellefteå CD 1998
White Flag/Baby Demons Split 7" 1999
Within Temptation Mother Earth 2-CD 2001
Wildhearts Endless, Nameless CD 1997
Wildhearts P.H.U.Q. CD 1995
Yum Yums Blame it me the boogie CD 2002
Yum Yums Singles 'n' Stuff CD 2002
Yum Yums Waste my Time 7" 1999
Zombies The Best of the Zombies CD 1991
ZZ Top Rhythmeen CD 1996
ZZ Top Antenna CD 1994

399 records; 263 CD's, 51 vinyls, 4 cassettes, 1 flexi, 5 videos and 1 DVD.
CD: 265 LP: 15
2-CD: 13 2-LP: 2
3-CD: 1 7": 26
CD-M: 40 10": 1
CD-S: 13 12": 2
MC: 1 2-12": 1
Video: 5 Flexi: 1
DVD: 1  

Ripped albums
3 Doors Down The Better Life
ABBA More Gold
AC/DC Stiff Upper Lip
Adam Daniel Frequency Blue pop + NY Loose - Return of the rat
Afzelius, Björn Den Röda Tråden
Alice in Chains Jar of Flies/SAP
Amorphis Tales from the Thousand Lakes
Animals Complete Animals
Backyard Babies Total 13
Bad Religion All Ages (+Bazookas, Bob Hund, Cardigans a.o.)
Beach Boys California Gold –The Very Best of The Beach Boys
Beatles 1962-1966
Bob Hund Jag Rear Ut Min Själ! Allt Ska Bort!! (+Pearl Jam)
Boney M Gold
Brainpool Painkiller
Caesar's Palace Love for the streets
Cantrell, Jerry Boggy Depot (+Corrosion of Conformity)
Cardigans First Band on the Moon (+Gran Turismo)
Cardigans Emmerdale (+Evereve, Bay Laurel & Dark Funeral)
Clawfinger Clawfinger (+M.H.B., Paradise Lost a.o.)
Clawfinger Deaf Dumb Blind
Cooper, Alice The Beast of Alice Cooper
Cornell, Chris Euphoria Morning (+U2)
Corrs Talk on Corners
Cranberries No Need To Argue
Cranberries Everybody Else is Doing it so why can't we?
D-A-D Soft Dogs
D:A:D Helpyourselfish
De Lyckliga Kompisarna DLK
Deris, Andi Come in From the Rain (+Cooper, Electric, Status, GN´R & Skid)
Dia Psalma Efter allt (+Sell-out)
Dia Psalma Gryningstid (+Lefay)
Dickinson, Bruce Chemical Wedding
Dimmu Borgir Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
Dire Straits Sultans of Swing, The Very Best of
Doors Greatest Hits
Faith No More Album of the Year
Fight War of Words (+Metallica & Iron Savior)
Foo Fighters There is Nothing Left to Lose
Foo Fighters Foo Fighters
Garbage Version 2.0 (+Cheap Trick a.o.)
Goo Goo Dolls Dizzy Up the Girl (+Angra, Bryan Adams & Cardigans)
Goo Goo Dolls A Boy Named Goo (+Red Hot Chili Peppers)
Green Day B-sides + (Copperpot - Nothing Lasts Forever, Adam Daniel)
Green Day Nimrod
Green Day Dookie (+Wannadies)
Green Day 1,039/Smoothed out Slappy Hours
Gun Swagger
Guns N' Roses Spaghetti Incident
Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion II
Guns N' Roses Use Your Illusion I
Hellman, Jakob ...och stora havet
Helloween The Dark Ride (+Sonata Arctica)
Helloween Better Than Raw +(Hammerfall & Scorpions)
Helloween Master of the Rings (+Gamma Ray, Winger & Mental)
Hendrix, Jimi The Ultimate Experience
Hole Celebrity Skin (+Sheryl Crow, Bic Runga, Lene Marlin a.o.)
Iron Maiden Up the Irons vol II
Iron Maiden Up the Irons vol I
Iron Maiden Powerslave
Katatonia Tonight's Decision
Katatonia Discouraged Ones
Life of Agony Ugly (+Moonspell, Cranberries & Bryan Adams)
Live Distance to here
Live Secret Samadhi +(R.E.M.)
Live Throwing Copper
L7 Bricks are Heavy (+Scorpions –Virgin Killer)
Metallica Garage Inc. 2-CD
Metallica Reload
Metallica Load
Metallica Metallica (+Sator & Hellacopters)
Metallica Master of Puppets
Metallica Ride the Lightning (+Hypocrisy, Bronx Casket Co., Nomads a.o.)
Metallica Kill 'em All (+Am I Blood, Transport League, Entombed a.o.)
Nightwish Oceanborn (+Winger)
Nirvana In Utero (+Manic Street Preachers)
Nirvana Bleach
Oasis The Masterplan
Oasis Be Here Now
Oasis (What's the Story) Morning Glory? (+B.O.C., Eagles)
Paradise Lost One Second (+Misery Loves Co., Chris Rea a.o.)
Pogo Pedagog Live
Queen Greatest Hits
Queers Pleasant Screams
Joey Ramone Don't worry about me
Sator B-sides
Sator Mono
Scorpions In Trance/Taken By Force
Silverchair Blind
Snoddas Demos (+Lars Winnerbäck)
Soul Asylum Grave Dancer's Union
Soundgarden Superunknown
Soundtrack of our Lives Behind the Music
Stabbing Westward Darkest Days (+All, Millencollin, Dwarves, Kittie)
Status Quo Rocking All Over the Years
Stone Temple Pilots Core
Talk Show Talk Show (+Clawfinger, Faith No More, Garbage a.o.)
Theatre of Tragedy Aegis
Therapy? Infernal Love (+Live –Throwing Copper)
Therapy? Troublegum (+Broder Daniel, Souls, Gyllene Tider)
Therapy? Nurse (+Semi-Detached)
Therion Theli
Therion Lepaca Kliffoth
Turilli, Luca King of the Nordic Twilight
U2 The Best of 1980-1990 (+The Verve)
Various …A Collection of Great Dance Songs vol. 1 2-CD
Various …A Collection of Great Dance Songs vol. 2
Various …A Collection of Great Dance Songs vol. 3
Various Blandband 1,2,3 3-CD
Various Robin's Metal Compilation
Various The Pet Peeves
Various The 60's Collection
Wannadies B-sides
Wannadies Yeah
Wannadies Bagsy Me
Weezer Weezer (+Refused, Hellacopters, Lemonheads  a.o.)
Winnerbäck, Lars Singel
Winnerbäck, Lars Kom
Winnerbäck, Lars Med Solen i Ögonen (+Dans med Svåra Steg)
Winnerbäck, Lars Rusningstrafik (+Snoddas)
Winnerbäck, Lars Demos
Yum Yums Sweet as Candy (+Fun Zone)

Total: 134

Concerts I've been to:
930317 Linköping, Cupolen Sator + Snoddas
9308?? Linköping, Stora Torget Snoddas
950407 Linköping, Skylten Sator + Surfcaster Beach + Nine
950704 Stockholm, Sjöhistoriska Muséet Bon Jovi + Slash's Snakepit + Ugly Kid Joe
961126 Stockholm, Circus Type O Negative + Moonspell + Manhole
970312 Linköping, Skylten Entombed + Nine
990807 Linköping, Stångebrofältet Ulf Lundell
990918 Gothenburg, Scandinavium Iron Maiden + Megadeth
000326 Stockholm, Solnahallen Dream Theater + Spock's Beard
000329 Gothenburg, Kåren Therion + Zonata
000421 Gothenburg, Sticky Fingers Sator
000517 Gothenburg, Sticky Fingers D-A-D
000526 Gothenburg, Liseberg Speed of Sound Enterprise
000627 Stockholm, Stockholms Stadion Iron Maiden + Slayer + Entombed
000802 Gothenburg, Sticky Fingers Psychotic Youth
001007 Gothenburg, Kåren In Flames + Dark Tranquillity + Sentenced 
001027 Gothenburg, Kåren D-A-D + The Bones
001125 Gothenburg, Bommens Salonger Lars Winnerbäck
010215 Gothenburg, Sticky Fingers Gathering
010915 Gothenburg, Chalmers kårhus Sator

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