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Baby Demons
Baby Demons Ten Year of Superstardom. (Split with White Flag) 7" 1999

Brülbåyz (Chips Kiesbye)
-Dödens Apostlar 7"
- 7"
-Vägra raggarna bensin CD (compilation)
-Back to Front vol. 6 CD/LP (compilation)

Greenberg (Chips Kiesbye)
Return of the Old School Skater CD-M 1994


(Kent Norberg & Daniel Levin)
Young Girl CD-M/CD-S April16th 2000
Speed of Sound Enterprise CD April 27th 2000
Garlic Frog Diet That Would Be Something CD-S coming soon!

Song Director Date
Speed of Sound Enterprise 2000
Young Girl Filip Tellander March 2000

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