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Forgotten Songs MC, 1984
She Falls a.o.



Howling 7", 1984
(two different covers)
a1. Howling
b1. Midde East Mix


Leech 7", 1985
a1. Leech
b1. She Falls
b2. Leech (remix)


Wanna Start a Fire? LP, 1986
1. Leech
2. Reality
3. The Man Who's Never Been
4. Fête for Lost Souls
5. Howling
1. You Need Me
2. Chimera
3. Party Frenzy
4. Master of the Universe


Scales to Skin 7", 1986
a1. Scales to Skin
b1. Crusade (Gonna Start a Fire)


Final Curtain 7", 1995
a1. Final Curtain
b1. She Falls

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