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Slammer! CD/LP, 1988
1.What You Are is What You Get 
2. Scales to Skin 
3. Wasting Time 
4. Gamma Gamma Hey! 
5. 23 B.C. 
6. Pigvalley Beach 
7. Bughouse Baby 
8. Snake Pit Rebel 
9. It's So Cold Without a Gun 
10. What Fucking Vibrations?

Bonus tracks:
11. Crusade (Gonna Start a Fire) 
12. Oh Mama 
13. Pigvalley Beach (remix)


Oh Mama 7", 1988
a1. Oh Mama
b1. Pigvalley Beach (remix)


World 7", 1990
a1. World
b1. Sergeant


Stock Rocker Nuts CD/LP, 1990
1. Turn Off the News 
2. Dog
3. Gruesome Sunday Morning 
4. Restless Again 
5. Ain't Seen Nothing 
6. Hitch-hike to Caudine Forks 
 7. World 
8. Machine Gun Justice (A Love Song) 
9. No Reason 
10. Sideshow Screwballs 
11. Rise Again 
12. Baby Doc Holiday 

Bonus track: 
13. Sergeant


Restless Again 7", 1990
a1. Restless Again
b1. Ain't Seen Nothing


Hello Hello! (I'm Back Again) 7", 1990
a1. Hello Hello! (I'm Back Again
b1. Dog Day Afternoon


We're Right, You're Wrong 12" (promo only), 1992
a1. We're Right, You're Wrong
a2. I Wanna Go Home
b1. I'd Rather Drink Than Talk
b2. Haywire


We're Right, You're Wrong CD-M/7", 1992
a1. We're Right, You're Wrong
b1. Only the Stones Remain

on CD-Maxi
3. Sideshow Screwballs (live)


Headquake CD/LP/MC, 1992
2-CD, 1993
1. Slug it out
2. We're Right, You're Wrong
3. I Wanna Go Home
4. Bound to Be Good
5. I'd Rather Drink Than Talk
6. Skyscraper
7. Turnpike
8. No Time, Tomorrow
9. Heyday
10. Someone Got Shot
11. Haywire
12. Down

on double CD
Ring Ring


I Wanna Go Home 7"/CD-M, 1992
a1. I Wanna Go Home
b1. Too Much Trouble

on CD-Maxi
3. Pigvalley Beach (live)
4. Bughouse Baby (live)


Ring Ring CD-S, 1993
1. Ring Ring
2. Bound to Be Good


I'd Rather Drink Than Talk CD-S, 1993
1. I'd Rather Drink Than Talk
2. So Much Time, So Little To Do 


No Solution CD-M, 1994
1. No Solution
2. I'm Bugged
3. Gruesome Sunday Morning (live)
4. Turn Off the News (live)


Barbie-Q-Killers vol. 1 CD/MC, 1994
1. No Solution
2. I'll Wait
3. Black 'n' White
4. Kiss of the Rat
5. Fuck You
6. On the Way Down
7. Can't Shake it
8. Dillinger's Brain
9. M.A.C.H.I.N.E.
10. Government Official
11. National Guard
12. End of the World
13. Do the Dance
14. Pay to Play

Hidden track
I'm Bugged


I'll Wait CD-M, 1994
1. I'll Wait
2. Gamma Gamma Hey! (live)
3. Hello Hello! (I'm Back Again) (live)
4. Sharp Dressed Man (live)


Sator Vs White Flag CD-M, 1994
Sator tracks
1. Halter Top
3. Face Down
6. White Trash (Halter Top, part 2)
8. Hello Hello! (I'm Back Again)

White Flag tracks
2. Shine On
4. A Moment of Silence
5. No Reason
7. Launch Window


Nothing Hurts 7", 1994
a1. Nothing Hurts
b1. Burnout


Even as we Speak 7", 1995
a1. Even as we Speak
b1. National Guard


No Place to Land CD-S, 1995
(promo only)
1. No Place to Land


Out of the Void CD-M, 1995
1. Out of the Void
2. Lose Control
3. In Bed without Madonna

Hidden track
Long Hot Summer


Stereo CD/MC, 1995
1. No Place to Land
2. Out of the Void
3. Jetslide
4. Next to Nothing
5. The Big Shakedown
6. A Safetybelt for Suzie
7. It Really Doesn't Matter Now
8. Kickelkum
9. Ride the Jackhammer
10. Don't Wanna Talk About The
      Weather Anymore
11. Black Dog Mood
12. Bossanova Death Trip
13. I'm Gone
14. Lose Control
15. Freezer
16. Anxiety, Coke and Chocolate Bars
17. I Guess I'm OK
18. God Save Technology
19. Buy Now, Pay Forever!
20. Exit

Hidden track
Iggy Was a Farmer


It Really Doesn't Matter Now CD-M, 1995
1. It Really Doesn't Matter Now
2. Buy Now, Pay Forever!
3. Sonny is a Bad Guy
4. Sleep


I'm Gone 7", 1996
a1. I'm Gone
b1. Hey You!
b2. Find the Time


Messin' with the King 7", 1996
Split with Gang Bangers
Sator tracks
a1. What Do You Want?
a2. I'm a Bug

Gang Bangers tracks
b1. Technicolor Yawn
b2. Kick You Out


Everybody's Making Plans CD-M, 1998
1. Everybody's Making Plans
2. Out of the Void (live)
3. Next to Nothing (live)
4. Ask the Shadows


Musical Differences CD, 1998
1. Everybody's Making Plans
2. Love MF
3. Two of these Days
4. TV-Night
5. Friction
6. How Late is Too Late?
7. (Sugar and Space)
8. Idiot's Delight
9. My Worst Friend
10. Tie Me Up
11. Shining
12. Welcome Back Home


Love MF CD-S, 1998
1. Love MF
2. This Side of Nowhere


TV-Night CD-S, 1998
1. TV-Night
2. Smoke Screen


Droppin' Out CD-M, 1999
10", 2000
1. Time and Distance
2. Dance to the Rocket from the Crypt
3. Friction
4. How are Things in California?

On 10"
Smoke Screen
This Side of Nowhere
Ask the Shadows


Split 7" with Garlic Frog Diet
Coming soon!
Sator tracks
a1. You Ain't Nothing
a2. A Song to You

Garlic Frog Diet tracks
b1. I'm a Bun
b2. Powermad


Barbie-Q-Killers vol. 2 CD
Coming soon!
Get out of My Way
Peeking Hooligan
You Don't Seem Real a.o.

(not confirmed)


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