This is My Life Chord  
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This is My Life

Lyrics: Gasolin'
Music: Gasolin', D. Beck, M. Moloney.

Made by: Kim Olesen & Claus Funder.
(used with exclusive permission from Kim Olesen. Thanks!)

Intro.  C - C - C - C

        C            G  Am           F
1.       This is my life, this is my time
        Am           G         F     C    C
         show me the light and I go there.
        C            G    Am          F
         Give me the wine, bitter and sweet,
        Am                   G             F     C    C
         and a little bit of bread, that's all I need.
        Am                    E7
Chor.    No, I don't want the gold from Xanadu
           F                       C            Am
         I think I leave it all to you, wow wow wow
                      G      F       C    C
         this is my life and I don't care.

        C           G               Am                    F
2.       This is my street, wow wow wow, are you restless feet
        Am        G     F       C - C
         carry me on to anywhere.
        C         G                 Am             F
         Take the fear, oh take the fear, take it away, please take it away
        Am                 G        F        C   C
         and leave me some hope for one more day.

        Am               E7
Chor.    I saw a ghost behind the door
                  F                              C            Am
         when the kids were coming home from the war, wow wow wow
                     G          F       C    C
         with broken dreams and nothing more.
        Am                 E7
         I heard a woman, singing her song
                    F                   C              Am
         and it was good, and warm and strong, wow wow wow
                     G      F          C   C
         She made me cry, I don't know why.

Solo.   C - G - Am - F - Am - G  F - C - C

        C - G - Am - F - Am - G  F - C - C

        Am               E7
Chor.    I don't want to bring you down
              F                    C             Am
         I declare it's good to be here, wow wow wow
                    G        F       C    C (break)
         this is my life and I don't care.

Design and layout © Dennis Germundal, 2000
Design and layout © Dennis Germundal, 2000