I Wanna Go Home Chord  
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I Wanna Go Home
Chips Kiesbye/Kent Norberg

Chordanalasis by Martin Nilsson
(used with exclusive permission. Thanks!)

        G       Cadd9
        I've been away for fifty days now
        Cadd9   G
        I'm broken and I wanna go home
        I haven't seen you in a long long time
        I'm making love to you on the phone

        Another hotel in another town
        There's nothing here to see at all
        Too many miles on to many roads
        and too many long distance calls

   Chorus     I wanna go home
                D       C
                I wanna go home
                I'm tired of travelling
                tired of all the same roads
                tired of everything

        Another day another week
        going up and down this roads
        I'm looking through the windshield
        but I've seen it all before
        I fill my head with fantasies
        to take the edge of the days
        But I'm out of stories and things to tell
        cause everything looks the same

        Going to the same old places
        time after time
        Sometimes I wonder
        if this is what it's all about
        Staring at a picture of you
        wishing I were back home
        I need something bad right now
        bad to make it feel good



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Design and layout © Dennis Germundal, 2000